Radiology Information System, RIS PACS

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Radiology Information  System

Software Standard workflow from manual Registration on RIS

1.       Registration Screen



2.       Search Patient then select then select > Physician > Department > Procedure then OK for submit order



3.       Order screen after registration or will show on this screen. Once patient came to radiology department, Click Arrive button then order move to Exam Room for Radiographer



4.       Exam Room for Radiographer do timestamp Start Procedure > Complete Procedure and QC Imaging then Assign Order to Radiologist Worklist



5.       QC Screen for input data

a.       Technician who perform the study

b.       Priority for reporting time. Radiologist will see the priority for each study

c.       Exam note

d.       Document upload

e.       Exposure information



6.       Radiologist Worklist : Radiologist will see order assigned from Radiographer (QC) and sort by high priority on top. Radiologist can select study by Click Read Button.



7.       Radiologist Reporting :

a.       Radiologist use report template from Right menu

b.       Radiologist can see the old report from left menu with report ICON

c.       Radiologist can copy (duplicate the report to which order assign with same patient)

d.       Etc,



8.       Search Patient , Report : can search from Search Menu



9.       The report can show as PDF report or HTML.