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OpenSource Radiology Information System



	  Preparation the server
		- Install webserver
		- Install MySQL or MariaDB
		- Install PHP
		- Install PHPMyAdmin for SQL mamangement or other tool
	  1. unzip thairis.zip to thairis folder
	  2. find thairis.sql and sql into database server
	  3. config connectdb.php for connect to dabase server
		- $host ="localhost";
		- $user ="user_your_database_server";
		- $password ="your_database_password";
		- $dbname ="thairis";
	  4. Copy thairis folder into your webserver.
	  5. Login to ThaiRIS by http://yourIPserver/thairis
	  - Login with default user : admin/admin
	  - create user
	  - create procedure
	  - clean order/report
		- sql : 
			delete FROM xray_request
			delete FROM xray_request_detail
			delete FROM xray_report

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