RIS Radiology Information system

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Donate for ThaiRIS OpenSource Free version

Why should you donate? (Give me a beer;)

How many lines on sourcecode.
How many days of coding this software.
How much you pay if you hide one programmer coding this software
But, Now you can have this software in a second.


If do a donation for OpenSource Free version you will got Help for

  • Installation suggestion.
  • Data migration.
  • Customize some request, coding, report.
  • Add free some feature from Advance version
  • Special plan for Advance version.
  • The donation will help us support and maintain opensource free version and help others use the good free version.



About Free Version

  • Fully standard workflow
  • New version and feature will update every month
  • Support with out cost via email
  • You can use and modify if you need but can't sale

100 USD